Native Wellz Signs With AG Music Group

AG Music Group welcomes its newest artist Native Wellz who just entered into a contract that could lead to an even bigger contract with Universal. This huge news takes place on the heels of releasing his latest video “Only You” featuring Rich Luciano. There are rumors swarming around the industry wondering if Native Wellz could be our modern day Notorious B.i.G.

Before you doubt what people in the industry are saying, you should know a little bit more about him. Native Wellz is a phenomenal artist who grew up in Syracuse, New York. He had a rough childhood with his father going in and out of jail his whole life and his mother passing away when he was only eight years old. There were many influences that could have taken him down the wrong roads. But Native fought through all that to come out on top, and not just in music.

A Promising Football Career

native wellz
Native’s football career stepped up when he earned the starting tailback position at SUNY Buffalo State. He would eventually go on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when a career-ending injury would change the course of his life in the most significant way.

That was ten years ago. Since then, he’s been following his music passion with a fever. Struggling through homelessness while trying to provide for a wife and three kids, Native believed that his music was the way. He was discovered by Howard Smith, a talent manager out of Philadelphia, “He reminds me of a young Jay-Z starting out. He tells street stories about his own experiences: losing family members, police brutality, relationships. He’s telling you about his life.”

With 50 Cent

native wellz
Native played in clubs around the Tampa area. But, he was blowing up. Soon, he was on a global tour booking dates in Germany, the U.K., the Netherlands, and Japan. The biggest eyes in the industry have been on him including 50 Cent, Justice League, Cash Money, Bad Boy, and even DJ Khaled.

Ready for that next level. Signing with AG Music Group is right on time. Native Wellz is on fire and the music industry is excited to see him making all the right moves. If anyone, he deserves it. He has put in his time and paid his dues. Not only that, but he has an interesting way of telling his story.

Sometimes You Have To Stop And Reflect

native wellz
I was on the set when he shot the video for “Only You.” It was an interesting experience that taught me a good bit about what goes into making a video. Not only that, but I saw first hand Native’s passion for what he’s doing.
Stepping onto the set, I first met with Native and Rich Luciano. Then, I met the rest of the crew and walked around. There was electricity in the area from everyone being excited to be there to the beautiful models playing roles in his video. The entire atmosphere topped off by the paradise setting on Florida’s Clearwater Beach.

The Shot By The Pool

native wellz
I was there all day, cut after cut. Just as I thought they got the perfect shot, Native knew something was wrong with it. Do it again. Run that back! He has a work ethic that demands perfection and everyone he brings in to work with him has to step up to his level.

That’s the kind of work ethic that comes out of a person who has struggled in life to get to a point where he sees his chance and he has no intentions of blowing his shot. Get ready for his new releases. Native Wellz is on a whole new level now. In the meantime check out “Only You,” the video that sealed the deal. Then ask yourself, is he the Biggie Smalls of our era?

Native Wellz Latest Video ‘Only You’

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